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Video is more vital than ever in today’s world. Around the globe people are watching more video, more often, and preferring it more strongly over other types of content. The 2020s represent an unprecedented opportunity, if not an imperative, to express your ideas with video if you want to be heard.

Intimidated? Don’t be. Creating videos that exceed your audience’s expectations is easier than ever. All you need are a good idea, some basic equipment or photographs/footage, and a good editor. That’s me.

Now is the time for video, and I’m here to make it easy for you!

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Your Video Angel

I’m Eve Francis. I’m a member of Soulscape Creative, a Queensland-based media business operating since 2004. And I’m here to spin your content into gold.

I’m passionate about video. I have learned with some of the best, including renowned British TV editor Andrew St. Pierre, and every day I’m honing my skills, keeping on top of the latest trends and developing my craft.

Whether you’re looking for a Facebook ad, a gaming montage, a commemorative video or a documentary segment, I can help. Let’s create videos with soul!

What does an editor do?

I take clips of raw footage and arrange them to tell a story. Your story. My talent is piecing together content to become more than the sum of its parts, and my skill is using cutting-edge technology and trends to give your audience exactly what they crave.

I can also contribute content to your videos, using my extensive access to royalty-free music and stock footage, as well as my ability to create animations. You can have captivating video – even if your only original content is photographs!

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Discover some of my observations on what’s happening in the world of video. I keep on top of these things so you don’t have to! Read on, and you just might learn something to inform your next video.

When 85% of all videos on Facebook are being watched without the sound on, it begs the question... Why are we bothering with sound at all? The answer is more complex than you might think.

Millennials aren't kids anymore, they're parents, managers, and power-users of the internet. How are lifestyle changes affecting what they value... and what gets their attention?

When Google is calling video "imperative" for business marketing, you know it's time to get on board. But what should you create? If you need ideas, check out these effective video types trending in 2021.

My Services

Introductory Pricing

Video Marketing

If you need video to promote your brand on social media, guide customers down your sales funnel, and keep up with your competitors, then these packages are for you!

Enjoy a fixed price for your tailor-made video content. Simply choose your desired video length and get started! Or, if you are not sure how long your video needs to be, contact me to discuss what’s right for you.

Check out all the inclusions; these offers are great value for money, and perfect for those who could use a co-contribution of content to their video.

Take advantage while these prices last!


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A$ 75
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A$ 100
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Psst! Need the same video in multiple aspect ratios? (For example, a vertical video for Instagram and a landscape video for your website. Here’s why that can be a good idea.) Rearrangements of the same content are half price!

Feature Editing

If your video content is  your product, or you need to hold your audience’s attention over a longer period of time, this traditional editing service is for you.

An hourly rate fits the price to the complexity of your project. VFX required? No problem! Plenty of long shots? Don’t sweat the video length, it’s covered.

Regular clients can benefit from the hourly rate. An established familiarity with your projects and needs saves everyone time, and saves you money.

Hourly Rate

A$ 25 / hr
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